Microsoft to sell video games at $60 for Xbox One


Microsoft may bring a little bit of good news to the Xbox One, with reports circulating that the company will sell triple A titles at $60, sticking to the previous generation price.

Inflation since 2006 would make the games priced at $70 now, although this could be flipped by saying games back then should have costed $52. Whatever way you put it, video games may see a price increase, at least on some platforms.

For big game publishers, creating and funding a game is a costly project. Currently big games cost about $20 – 50 million to create and with the next generation of gaming analysts and game console executives believe it will increase.

Game developers have to make a good amount of sales to fund sequels or other franchise titles and we have seen many game developer studios fall under, most recently THQ.

While the gaming industry will bicker about pricing, with the increase in work and time for the next generation games, we may see a big push to advertisement, DLC and other ways to break even on a game.

Source: Kotaku

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