Microsoft says Windows Phone is firmly in third place


Microsoft’s Build developer conference is well underway and while the main focus is on Windows 8.1, a small booth has been set up for Windows Phone and Microsoft officials now believe they are in a solid third place in the smartphone race.

BlackBerry has been stuck in the fourth spot since May this year, with Windows 8 slowly overtaking them. Microsoft believes Windows Phone is the fastest growing mobile OS, even though it is still far away from iOS and Android.

This is in part due to Nokia’s continued support of the Windows Phone platform, developing smartphones at different price points for different markets. We have seen the Lumia success explode in the past two years.

We believe Windows Phone has around 6 – 8% of the mobile OS market, BlackBerry is sinking to about 2 – 4% in the past year, iOS takes up about 20% and Android carves out an incredible 70% with thousands of different smartphones.

Source: The Verge

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