Microsoft revs speedier, smarter speech recognition for phones

Microsoft has recently revealed its next big thing that is speech recognition technology for phones. Since, Apple introduced Siri later S-Voice by Samsung both these technologies took mobile industry by storm and windows phone were lacking in this race.

Microsoft said that using unique novel method that traces brain functions our researchers have doubled the speed at which the app recognizes speech as well as we have gained 15% more accuracy as compared to competition.

Eventually something like this was expected at the end of Microsoft, otherwise the future of windows phone would be a question mark. Apple and Samsung are way ahead of Microsoft in term of their mobile phone sales; Microsoft can only win the battle by introducing something innovative and out of box.


Research unit of Microsoft says that they have come up with something unique using novel method that not only will improve your phones ability to recognize speech but also accuracy of speech recognition has also been improved.

Microsoft says that they have installed deep neural networks to speech recognition, their users inside United States will be able to compose a text message or search something on Big with their voice with double the speech as compared to competition.

“For a normal sentence, you will have one less word to correct,” said Michael Tjalve, a senior program manager in the speech technology group at Microsoft.

Test-run of this technology revealed that word-error rate fell from 16% to only 13.5%; and this is tremendous achievement. Imagine you can control your phone with your voice and your phone will be more responsive to your voice then before.

Do you want to know something surprising? Remember those lags we used to have with SIRI, S-Voice and Google speech recognizer? Gone are those lags, you phone types everything as soon as you start talking and spot simultaneously when you stop talk.

Microsoft will began rolling out this update to its data centers in US first, later the update will be sent to international data centers. Microsoft clears one thing that it does not compare its technology with competition but every company uses its own method of measurement. But experts says that by far this is something really improved in recent times.

Source CNET