Microsoft Office for iPhone released today


Microsoft Office has come to iOS but not in the form that we had hoped, for instance there is only an iPhone version and you will need a subscription to Office 365 to be able to access this application. The application is very basic you get four sections: recent documents, SkyDrive folders, document creation and settings. You are able to create Word and Excel documents but you don’t have the ability to create PowerPoint presentation for some reason.

The document editing controls are very intuitive and when you get used to them you are able to make edits quickly and actually see documents live updating via the web versions of these apps. The Excel editing options are much the same as Words, but with a few tweaks specific to the application. PowerPoint is very limited on the iPhone you can view the document, hide and move slides around and apart from a few text edits thats the extent of your ability.

The app is really basic and the design isn’t anything fancy it is designed for on the go editing so it is a good thing that it isn’t too cluttered. There probably won’t be an iPad version of the app or any added functionality just so the surface looks more attractive to heavy Office users.

Source: TheVerge

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