Low Budget Curvy iPhone Spotted in China

curvy iphone
The first picture released in Weibo about the curvaceous low budget iPhone. [Photo Source: GSMinsider]
curvy iphone 2
A photo released by another Weibo user. [Photo Source: GSMinsider]
There have been so many rumors going around the online community about the development of a low budget iPhone. This has been going on since last year. So far, we have seen so many versions of the story already. That gives us a difficulty in determining which one is factual and which one is just a product of some Internet troll.

Now, two different sources have gotten into the mix again. According to GSMinsider, the sources claimed that the cheaper version of the iPhone finally surfaced in China. They added that it will come with a new design which is a bit curvaceous in shape.

The Revealed Specs

Based on the pictures, the curvy design of the device is similar to the shape of the iPhone 3GS. But one noticeable trait of the unit is that it looks bigger than the 3GS.

One of the images also displayed a 3.5mm audio jack for the product along with Lightning port and speaker. It is not clear though whether the ports are located above or below the unit since it is hard to determine whether the user in the picture is holding the smartphone upside down or correctly.

Validity of the Claim

The report said that the leaked images came from two different sources. However, both were posted in Weibo. The first image was apparently posted a few hours before the other one was revealed.

Personally, I had my reservations on the article because it is possible that the photos were just from one user with multiple accounts or from two people related with each other.

However, GSMinsider vouched that the image which was posted first came from a Weibo user who correctly displayed an image of the Nokia Lumia 925 before it was even officially unveiled in the public. So, there might be a possibility that the low budget iPhone version would look like the images above.

Source: GSMinsider