Losing Data Connection with the Samsung Galaxy S4

galaxy S4 losing data connection

Here is another problem sent to us by one Samsung Galaxy S4 owner. Apparently, his Samsung Galaxy S4 loses data connection and can only take emergency calls. He added that the signal bar is present but there is no 3G or any other network indicator is present. He tried to remedy the situation by turning his mobile data on and off but it doesn’t resolve anything. The same is true when he restarts his unit.

Here are the possible causes and solutions to the problem:

Network Connection

It seems like the said Samsung Galaxy S4 is experiencing a problem with the network. To confirm if it’s really the network, try to check ask the people in your area who are also subscribing to your carrier. You will know if it’s the network once they confirm that they are experiencing the same problem regardless of the unit they are carrying. Call the customer support of your carrier to report the problem so they can have your area checked.

Glitch in the System

If everyone, especially subscribers who are using Samsung Galaxy S4 in your area, seems to be okay with their network, then you might be experiencing a glitch in your system. If restarting your device won’t work, toggle the Airplane mode on and off. Try to check if there are apps and updates that are causing the problem as well.

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