Logitech iOS 7 iPhone gamepad photo leaked

Logitech Gamepad

Photographs of Logitech’s latest gaming accessory for the iPhone have been leaked, the accessory is a gamepad case that clips on to the phone and connects via the lighting port. The gamepad case has a D-pad and five buttons on one side for all of the button mashers out there, on the opposite side there is some sort of “G” branding this is assumed to be the logo for Logitech’s gaming devision.

Rumours are that the controller is focused on the newly redesigned Apple Game Centre for iOS 7, even though Apple have said they are not supporting any gaming peripheral for the iPhone. This will probably be one of many mockups and actual gaming peripherals that we will see in the future for smartphones, which will add a lot of bulk to the device and then  there will only be certain games that will support the controller. If gaming peripheral were to take off this would just increase the mobile gaming section of the total gaming pie and the console manufacturers would have to act quickly.

The photograph is only of a prototype and will probably not be the final design of the product if it gets past the early stages of development that is.

Source: VentureBeat

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