Logitech Buying iPhone stand TidyTilt Maker Accepting Pre-orders now


Logitech has today announced that the company is acquiring a two person satrtup that make the iPhone TidyTilt cover, in the deal Logitech will own TT Design Labs’ assets and Logitech have now opened the TidyTilt available for pre-order now. The TidyTilt made it’s debut on Kickstarter and became a massive success last year, in fact the project ended up raking in 2000% of it’s funding goal which is an amazing achievement.

The product has been renamed as the Logitech TidyTilt and you can purchase the product on Logitechs website along with TT Design Labs second product the JustMount Magnetic Organizer. Once again the Name has been changed to the Logitech JustMount Magnetic Organizer, the mount is designed ti hold your iPhone, keys ect.

One of the TT Design Labs co-founders Derek Tarnow gave a statement in which he said “In Logitech, we’ve found a true partner that shares our focus on creating great products designed to improve people’s experiences with the technology they love. We’re very excited to be working with Logitech”.

Both of the TT Design founders Derek Tarnow and Zahra Tashakorina will join the logitech team as consultants, they will focus on design specifically “Products that complement the smartphone”. There is a lot more iPhone and Android accessories to come from the pair.

Source: CultofMac 

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