LG Reportedly Working On Smartphone With Always-On Voice Command

A recent report on LG’s upcoming smartphone plans indicate that the company is working on a device will come with an always-on voice command. Three sources familiar with the company’s plans have confirmed this report. The device is said to be released in 2014.

The voice command to be used in this upcoming device will be different from what Apple’s Siri or Google now is offering. Instead of assistant services LG will be implementing this on navigation features. This will be a useful feature in certain conditions like in driving where you can still use your device without even touching the touchscreen.

LG’s voice command feature will be more advanced than the voice command that’s being used in smartphones today. An example provided is that when using Google Maps you can just use your voice pan around, switch views, and zoom in or out.

This upcoming model will most likely use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor that comes with an always-on voice capability. This new processor which was unveiled early this year allows users to activate the voice feature simply by saying hello to the device. It will be able to distinguish the voice of its owner thus preventing other people from issuing commands to it and accessing private information.

There’s no official announcement form LG regarding this report yet but there’s a high possibility that we will be seeing several devices with this capability in next year’s Mobile World Congress.

via gottabemobile

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