Lg Optimus L9II photo and specifications leak online

We had seen the Lg Optimus L5II, Lg optimus L7II release a few months back but we were quite surprised when we heard no announcement of an Lg L9II. I mean, they we part of the same family and leaving out an elder brother from the upgrade is a bit odd.

But it looks like LG indeed had plans for a L9II, as today we have a photo of a smartphone which claims to be the L9II along with its specifications.

Optimus L9II

When you see the above picture, you’ll know that it looks nothing like its predecessor. The new device sports a new curvy design and looks something like the Original Note. But we can’t actually say anything more about the device as we don’t have access to a full picture.

l9II specs gfx benchmark 1

The rumored specs are as given below:

4.7 inch IPS display (just like the original one) with resolution of 1280×720

Snapdragon 400 processors with krait 200 cores clocked at 1.4 GHz

The device would come with 1GB Ram and adreno 305 GPU

Well, this is all we have at the moment but the source website assures that more details about the camera and other specs would be soon revealed.

Seeing the specs, we can say one thing for sure, just like its earlier version, L9II won’t be a game changer. But this device would be suited to all those people who want the raw power but can’t afford to buy a high end device.

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