Lg may scrap their Optimus name for future high end devices

For the past few years, Lg has been busy developing new smartphones under their Optimus brand name and we have already seen plenty of high end successful devices with the same name. But new reports suggest that LG is planning to drop their famous Optimus nameplate for their high end devices and will come up with a new one for all of their future high end devices.

Lg optimus

The news revealed by Chosun.com say that the company will come up with a unique name for their high end devices starting from their next flagship device, Optimus G2. So, the latest optimus g pro will most likely be the last high end phone from the optimus lineup. And hence, G2 will have a different name altogether.

Lg’s mobile division can be summed up pretty much by the Optimus brand name. All of the Smartphone released by the company in the last few years have been under this famous brand name. Now, this includes not only all android handsets but also the windows phone 7 devices released by the company like the Optimus 7. In short, we can compare the Optimus brand name to the galaxy tag used by Samsung.

But why would the company choose to use a different name for their high end devices?

The last two flagship phones launched by Lg (Optimus G and Optimus G Pro) have been well received and therefore we wonder why the company would resort to such measures. Maybe the company is looking to create a unique image for their products or the company is trying to start afresh with their next device.

End of the day, the name will only get a customer’s attention, what actually drives them to buy one is the actual quality, design and features. Samsung’s galaxy brand name is one of the most successful series in the world, still if the company does not keep up with the existing technology, the name won’t help them. We saw people criticize S4 for its old design and lack of innovation although it was the successor of SIII, a great phone with the galaxy tag name.

Hence, even though we agree that a strong name would help a smartphone generate sales, what matters the most is the technology used. So even if Lg scraps their Optimus name for their next high end devices, we don’t think that will matter much.

We just hope that the G2 (we just call it the G2 for now), features some mind blowing specs.