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LG launches Ubitus’ GameNow cloud gaming on its Smart TVs in the US


GameNowLG is taking TV gaming very serious with their new move of integrating Ubitus’ GameNow into their Smart TV’s, this will allow the user to play games via the TV without any external boxes that need wired in. You just pick up the controller and off you go, the service is cloud based and streams mostly console games such as Devil May Cry and Dead Rising 2 ect. The service also supports various controllers so you can choose to use your own instead of the one provided.

The beta for the service is fully operational and free, the two companies are working together to shoot a launch advert, this could mark the start of a revolution in smart TVs. It is highly unlikely that the sales of the Ubitus infused LG smart TV will over take Xbox One or PS4 sales we could see a lot more TVs like this in the future. The market that this product is looking to break into or take over is the indie console which was popularized by the Ouya and then Bluestacks Gamepop Console.

GameNow could gain some major ground in the indie console market by expanding their game library and by taking advantage of the 3D used in the smart TVs that it is installed on.

Source: Engadget

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