LG announces they have sold 1 million Optimus G Pro units in South Korea


Just a few hours ago we told you guys about a deal that Amazon was hosting-$79.99 for a brand new LG Optimus G Pro on a 2-year contract. Moments ago, LG announced that they have sold 1 million Optimus G Pro units in South Korea. It took them 4 months to achieve this milestone,  meaning that they sell about 8,000 Optimus G Pro handsets a day. This is pretty decent for LG, but definitely not as fast as the Galaxy S 4 (10 million in 26 days), as well as the HTC One (5 million as of May 28).

All in all, this is considered LG’s fastest growing device to date, as they are attempting a comeback into the mobile industry. The Optimus G Pro is one of LG’s flagship 2013 handsets, as it has one of the most beautiful displays on an Android handset-better than the Galaxy Note II. I’m not surprised if LG reports even better numbers months from now, as their handsets are pretty well built and contain some high-end specs.

Source: LG

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