Lenovo Partners with Huge Companies For Leverage in its Smartphone Venture

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Lenovo is initially known globally as one of the top producers of personal computers and laptops. The company engaged in the worldwide smartphone market just recently, but it seems like it is now getting more serious in its push for its new venture.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Chinese multinational technology firm is currently in preliminary talks with multiple parties. This is an effort to strengthen their position in the smartphone market, added the source.

Company Statement

“We are in talks with many people. The reason why we are very active is that this industry is moving fast,” commented Milko van Duijl, the president of the computer maker in its Asia-Pacific operations, during his interview with the news article. “Tablets and smartphones are where the biggest growth is, particularly in emerging markets,” he further said.

Reason Behind the Move

Based on the statement of the Lenovo official, it seems like the company is making the move to push harder into the smartphone market in order to offset its losses with its personal-computer products due to shrinking demand. The report said that more consumers are now spending more on mobile devices which force the corporate clients of the company to limit their PC purchases.

New Partners

There was no mention about the partners that the company is presently pursuing. However, rumors have been circulating that there is a possibility for the company to partner with NEC Corp. Mr. van Duijl declined to comment on the speculation though, which originally came from Japanese news sources.

Current Standing of Lenovo

Right now, the company is the second-largest smartphone vendor in China according to the report. It is only behind Samsung in the rankings of that region. So far, it is strongly betting on its high-end smartphone called the K900 to catapult its sales in the global scale.

Source: Wall Street Journal