LeapFrog Announces $150 LeapPad Ultra Tablet, Arriving July 17

Earlier this month LeapFrog’s LeapPad Ultra tablet was spotted at the FCC. This is a child-friendly Android tablet with a rugged design and pre-installed apps that’s recommended for children of all ages. Today the company has officially announced the device saying that it is the “ultimate learning tablet for kids”.

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LeapFrog is a well-known manufacturer of tablets aimed for kids. Their latest LeapPad Ultra tablet comes one year after they released their previous generation devices. CEO John Barbour of LeapFrog said that “LeapPad Ultra has been designed to offer a safe and age-appropriate experience vetted by LeapFrog’s in-house learning experts. Children can explore and play on their own while parents feel confident that their children are learning and engaging in a kid-safe environment with games, activities, videos and more designed just for them. With more features, including Wi-Fi with a kid-safe browser, we believe that LeapPad Ultra will be the top item on children’s wish lists this year.”

LeapPad Ultra Technical Specifications

  • 7-inch, 1,024 x 600 touchscreen display
  • front- and rear-facing cameras
  • 8GB of storage

As a kid-friendly tablet the device has been made to withstand the occasional drops and bumps with its rubberized tough exterior. It also has parental controls where it connects to a secure Wi-Fi as well as the need for parents to punch in a 4 digit code to give their kids access to specific services. The chat app which is pre-installed can only be used to communicate with other LeapPad users and uses a limited number of canned responses.

Browsing the web is made safer and secure with the availability of LeapSearch powered by Zui. This gives kids’ access to the Internet to sites that have been reviewed by the company’s teams of expert s as being appropriate for kids.

This tablet is a great education resource as it has access to the more than 800 games, eBooks, apps, videos and music. All of these have been approved to be safe for kids. Several of the apps available have been designed to skills across math, reading, science, creativity and more.

According to Dr. Jody Sherman LeVos, leader of LeapFrog’s Learning Team “Every child learns at a different pace which is why it is so important for children to receive personalized instruction in addition to what they receive in the classroom. LeapFrog designs content to offer personalized instruction with profile-based curriculum starting points, auto-leveling, innovative hints and prompts, and milestones that provide children with the most appropriate experiences while keeping them engaged and having fun. Whether they are immersed in peer-to-peer play or exploring a create-your-own-adventure app, our content delivers life-changing learning experiences to support future academic and life success.”

The LeapPad Ultra will be available this July 17 and is priced at $150. It will be available first in US, Canada, the UK and Ireland. The device will make its way to more territories this coming fall.

via engadget