Latest comScore U.S. Market Share Report Shows Apple, Samsung Growing

comScore, the leader in measuring the digital world, released new data of the U.S. smartphone market for the first three month average period  ending this May. It showed Apple as the top manufacturer which has a 39 percent market share. Google Android on the other hand is ranked as the top smartphone platform with a 52 percent market share.

In the United States there are 141 million people who own smartphones as of May up by 6 percent since February. This translates to a 56 percent mobile penetration rate.  Apple got the top spot as 39.2 percent of U.S. subscribers use their smartphone models. Samsung came in second with 23 percent followed by HTC with 8.7 percent, Motorola with 7.8 percent and LG with 6.7 percent.

The data also shows that for the Android manufacturers it is only Samsung that is growing. HTC, Motorola and HTC lost market share on May as compared to February. On February of this year HTC had a market share of 9.3 percent, Motorola had 8.4 percent, and LG had 6.8 percent.

In terms of platform market share Android had a 0.7 percent gain for the month of February to May and ended with a 52.4 percent market share. Apple also gained 0.3 percent with a 39.2 percent market share. Other platforms lost market share with BlackBerry holding on to a 4.8 percent share, Microsoft with 3.0 percent and the antiquated Symbian with 0.3 percent.

It’s also important to note that during the three months that this survey was being conducted the BlackBerry Z10 went on sale at AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. Apparently the sale didn’t help its comScore ranking as the platform had a negative growth. Data for BlackBerry Q10 was not included in this survey and will be included the next time.

Apple and Samsung are expected to continue growing their market share in the coming months. Apple’s successor to the iPhone 5 will bring in more revenue to the company while Samsung’s various upcoming Galaxy devices will also do the same.

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