Larry Page Just as Dumbfounded at Discovery of Government PRISM Program as Everybody else


We first heard word of Verizon and their order to hand over millions of the network user’s call records, but it seems this month that the ‘Verizon order’ is just the start. A new PRISM government scheme is a program that, according to other sources, will allow the NSA and FBI to have access to some of the most influential internet services, including Facebook, Apple and Google.

Apple and Facebook have already denied such claims, and now Google’s Larry Page has stood up to address the issue. Page wrote a post on the Googleblog blogspot to explain that Google was not involved with the PRISM scheme, and then went onto discussing how exactly their rules and regulation work in accordance with the government and any data they may want to access through Google.

Larry also explained his seriousness about Google’s strict data protection policies, and went on to explain that he wants Google to be as transparent as possible when it comes to these areas of business.

So, is PRISM actually something real or a simple troll? Right now there’s no real way of knowing- leaked documents contained information on the program, and included PowerPoint slides stating the internet companies involved with the government scheme.

But on the other hand, all companies have openly stated they are not part of any PRISM scheme and all representatives sounded shocked when they addressed the claims they were sharing data with the NSA and FBI.

It’s unlikely any of this will lead to anywhere, but it does bring up a very important debate- do we need to let go of our privacy concerns now that the world is becoming more connected, or should we hold onto them and make the rules of such privacy more clear and transparent? I’m sure there are stories for both sides, but it seems that the general public still feels the need for internet privacy.

Source: Droid-Life