Kickstarter Project to Get a Replica Tardis into Space Has Now Been Funded


One way to really confuse your kids is to tell them Dr Who isn’t real, and then blast a Tardis into space and let it orbit round the real-life Earth.

Whilst it’s unlikely we’ll actually be able to see it from Earth, a father and daughter have set to building their own Tardis (without the bigger-on-the-inside thing) and want to send it into space to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the show.

To make their hopes and dreams a reality, they went to Kickstarter to try and get their project crowd funded. And now, with still another 12 days to go, the project has far exceeded its $33k goal.

Those who help to fund the project will also be able to be a part of the action- some rewards will allow the backer to have some of their favorite music, footage and other media uploaded to an SSD that will be sent up with the Tardis on launch.

The Tardis creators have realized that there could be issues and it could go wrong, but they seem pretty confident in sending their blue box into space as a form of tribute to their favorite TV show.

Source: Kickstarter

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