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iRadio won’t be released until fall and will be supported by iAds

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It is rumoured that Apple will announce their little streaming music project iRadio next week at WWDC. The service is not due for release until the fall, the delay is apparently due to the restructuring of the service with supported iAds. We’ll have to wait until iOS 7 releases in fall to see how well it fits in to the software and whether or not it is a serious competitor for the well established Spotify and Googles new All Access service.

Other rumours have come to light that Apple is restructuring their work force and taking talent from the iAds section of the company and deploying them in the new iRadio section, this comes from Bloomberg Businessweek. Apple is doing this because their service is Pandora like in the sense that the service will be largely supported by ads for the free music, the iTunes download of the music your listening to will be but a tap away.

iRadio is almost certain to be announced at WWDC but there will be no launch because not all of the music deals are in place at this present moment. Developers are looking forward to the release of the developer edition of iOS 7 because they might get a sneak peak at the services workings.

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