iPhone 6 Concept Running iOS 7 Beta (Images)

iOS 7 is already making headline on every leading blog, newspaper and television show. Since; Apple has launched its new operating version of iOS, concept about iPhone 6 was well expected. If you search Youtube for iPhone 6 concepts there are couple of videos claiming various features. Below we have designer Antonio De Rosa who talks about fantastic concepts against iPhone 6.

Antonio went about designing iPhone 6 that is running apple’s latest platform iOS 7. Well, there is no any official announcement from Apple that how iPhone 6 will look like however the designer using his vivid imagination made out iPhone 6 running iOS 7.


There’s been must talk lately about iPhone 6, and what apple plans to do with his latest flagship mobile phone. De Rosa’s design is just his way to looking at iPhone 6 and we found his designs to be much closer to reality.

Designer’s work is to be admired, he made beautifully cutted edge iPhone 6 that features beautiful larger screen and we are still able to connect it to previous iPhone models. Apple’s previous offerings are already top-class, well edged and one can nearly find no flaw in them. Checkout exclusive design of De Rosa’s imagination of iPhone 6 below:


De Rosa’s iPhone 6 concept features gesture-based buttons on its bottom though Samsung Galaxy S4 already feature gestures-based buttons but Apple has already made it clear that it does not fears following the market trends. His concept features Apple A7 processor and 18-mega pixel camera.


Well, this is just a concept and I believe De Rosa’s design is beautiful. It connects to Apple tradition of edge-to-edge design, curly edged, thickness and above all uniqueness and glossy looks. The designer should be admired and acclaimed for his affords.

What do you think about the design?

Source/Images: redmondpie