iOS7: Will it bring the magic back to Apple’s software?


Apple will reveal the new iOS mobile software upgrade at WWDC tomorrow and it is highly likely the formula has been changed to something more contemporary and radical.

Almost everyone has voiced an opinion on iOS’ current form, whether it looks stale or it works well and Apple should keep the winning formula. We believe Jony Ive, who has been working on iOS7, has changed the game a little with the new OS.

There was a report a while back that said iOS7 would be stark, with more black and whites and less bloat on the design and atheistic. Ive has apparently pushed designers to make sure colours are very simple and this will be seen in all Apple services and apps.

However, Daring Fireball blogger John Gruber has said when speaking to people with information on the matter they said “all the leaks are wrong” and what Apple will reveal is polarising.

This may mean a full redesign of the operating system, completely revamping the mobile OS to fit a new demographic of users. Whether this works out for Apple we will have to wait and see, WWDC starts tomorrow and we will be live blogging the event.

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