iOS7 may open up keyboards for third party developers


Tim Cook has got all third party system level developers excited when he hinted at the iOS platform becoming more open in the coming months, he said this while on stage at the D11 conference.

TouchType, the creators of popular app SwiftKey, have said they are very excited and will be watching the WWDC conference for any new changes to the API on iOS7.

SwiftKey is the most popular Android app in 38 countries and TouchType want to expand out to the other operating systems, however the API for keyboards is locked down on most mobile operating systems.

iOS has been a closed platform, with all system level functionality controlled by Apple and some basic level controlled by Apple. This system of control has made the iOS platform clean, if a little boring and stale.

Cook did say he would not compromise the experience for users of iOS, even if the API is opened up. This means some functionality will remain closed by Apple.

Source: AllThingsD

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