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iOS Used as AI Control in New Anki Drive Scalextric-like Driving Game


Apple has just shown off a new real-life use for iOS in the form of a real-life racing game at WWDC. The new Scalextric-like game, named Anki Drive, can receive commands from an iOS device and then play them out right in front of you.

The iOS device can act as a main ‘artificial intelligence hub’ that can control each car on the track. Players can also take control of a car with their iOS handset and race against the AI or fight it out against their friends and family.

Players of Anki Drive will also be able to use power-ups like laser beams against the opposition in real time. The cars will then act accordingly to any powerups used.

This is certainly a new idea I’ve not yet seen, and I’m really happy to see Apple trying to be innovative with mobile technology, even if the current form, Anki Drive, may only keep us entertained every now and again.

The concept is new, and it could pave the way for some very interesting forms of entertainment. Wizard Chess anyone?

Image Source: Slashgear

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