iOS 7 Lets You Zoom While Taking Videos

[Photo Source: Gizmodo]
[Photo Source: Gizmodo]
Many people are surely very excited with what the iOS 7 has to offer. Recently, it has been made available to people who have developers’ account in Apple so its new features can be tested.

As the testing of the new mobile operating system of the Apple goes, discoveries are being made about its flaws and new functions. Recently, we have featured the security flaw of the OS that allows access to the stored pictures of the iPhone even without entering a passcode through the lockscreen, which can be somewhat disappointing. But new reports revealed to us that there’s more to the new mobile OS of Apple.

Video Zooming

According to the new articles of iDownloadBlog and Gizmodo, the iOS 7 now provides its users access to its controls while recording a video. This new capability will allow them to zoom the camera in or out during the video shoot, which is a feature usually found in camcorders.

Overlooked Feature

Some may find this less exciting than the other revealed features of the iOS 7 so far. Even Apple did not care to highlight more about this new function in the last WWDC. Moreover, the Cupertino company also did not even care to elaborate it in its iOS 7 webpage.

Countless Possibilities

Despite being an overlooked feature, the sources pointed out that this will come really handy once a new iPhone comes with a better camera. Luckily, we won’t have to wait that long for that because is rumored that the iPhone 5S will have 12 megapixels with enhanced night shooting function.

How to Use the Zoom

To be able to use the zoom function, just open the camera and set it to video mode. Hit the red circle button to start recording. While taking the video, use the pinch gesture to zoom in or out of the video. Alternately, you can tap-to-focus on your close-ups while video recording said the reports.

Source: iDownloadBlog and Gizmodo