Intel unveils Haswell quad-core microprocessor

intel haswell intel haswell

Intel has unveiled their fourth-generation core microarchitecture Haswell today, they have unveiled the quad-core version of their processors for laptops and desktops. The chip manufacturer has been teasing Haswell for the last year and have made massive claims about the chip saying that it will increase battery life by 50% for supported laptops, also graphics for the chip will be twice as good as the previous Ivy Bridge processor.

The chips that they have unveiled today include a five core i7 laptop processor and twelve quad-core i7 and i5 desktop chips, more information on the processors will be release at the Computex trade show in Taiwan on Tuesday. The release of Haswell is expected to give the computer market a well need boost, the market is expected to fall 7.8 percent in 2013 according to current market forecasts.

Intel has made a few promises that Haswell laptops will be a lot thinner than other machines and will be priced at under $500 which is a big ask in this current market. Also battery life they have said that laptops with their fourth-generation quad core chip will get nine hours of HD video playback, this is a major improvement on current laptop battery life.

Source: VentureBeat