Intel Announces Quad Core Intel Chip with built-in LTE


Intel is still trying to claw its way into the mobile market after practically taking the reins of the gaming PC, netbook and laptop markets, and their newest addition to their family actually sounds quite promising.

The new Silvermont microarchitecture is built on a 22nm process, similar to the new Haswell chips. Apparently the new architecture found in the Silvermont chip will have a 3x performance boost or a 5x energy saving boost over the current Atoms depending on what is needed.

The performance increase will come in the form of an eight core single-threaded model, whilst the energy saving model will be quad core.

These new chipsets will be used on new tablets including Android and Windows 8.1, as well as laptops and even desktops. This will probably be the first time a chip manufacturer has managed to bridge the gap between mobile and desktop architecture, and it’s certainly a good step towards great things in the future.

These new chips should be able to have a solid battery life of about 8+ hours on 10.1 inch tablets- this was tested by playing 1080p video at 30fps. These new chips will also have support for 4K video, making them future proof enough to support the inevitable rise of above-1080p video.

Source: GSMArena

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