Instagram surpasses 5 million video uploads in first 24 hours


Instagram pulled a number on Vine when they released video sharing two days ago, but the after effects are only starting to show between the two rival apps. According to Instagram, over five million video uploads happened within the first twenty four hours and at peak times users uploaded forty hours of video per minute.

We all knew Instagram wouldn’t fail in this regard, Instagram video is a safe move by the team to bring a new type of media onto the app without changing the design or usage of it. Old users can still take photos, filter and share, the Instagram video just offers a new way to share your life.

Questions have been raised about Vine’s life span, with Instagram video hurdling away with all this time usage. While it is too early to speculate if Instagram video will do well, most users are eitherĀ complainingĀ or embracing this new video feature, which shows it has made an impact.

Source: Android Central