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Images of the new Google play store for web surface online

For the past few years, Google has been busy changing various aspects of android to suit the needs of its users. They have changed the design, the app store name (from android app store to Google play store), added new features and so on.

google play store revamped

Last year we saw Google release their Google now search for Jellybean users. The interesting thing about Google Now apart from its amazing voice searching capability was the card style layout. The company seems to like this theme as gradually they are integrating it to every part of android. Two months back, the play store was revamped to integrate this card styled theme.

And today, we have images of the next version of the Google play store for web. As you may have guessed by now, the new theme is based on the same card theme that the android play store is built upon.

Chris Yerga, the engineering director of android had already hinted of a new play store for web in the coming weeks but he gave no further information. The new images give us some basic idea about the new layout of the play store.

As you can see in the images above, the new layout keeps all the categories fixed to the left. This makes it very easy to browse through various categories on the play store. Basically the layout is quite similar to the play store for your device and hence, if you are used to that, then browsing the new play store will be an easy task.

The new version is said to be in the testing stage and can be updated any time now.

Maybe they’ll release this version along with android 4.3.1. Well, we can’t confirm anything right now, but with rumors suggesting that android 4.3.1 will be announced by the end of the month, it looks quite likely that the company would announce this version of the web store with android 4.3.1.

So did you like the new layout for the web play store?


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