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Images of the aluminum shell of Nokia EOS leaked online

We have got more leaks on the unannounced Nokia EOS smartphone. An image of the Aluminum body has surfaced online and it confirms the rumored 41 MP camera on the device.

nokia eos 001

These days, it’s quite hard for companies to keep their unannounced phones from the internet. Recently we saw images of a black colored device claiming to be the Nokia EOS surface online. There were several images which literally showcased the device from different angles and gave us a better look at the device. However, as the camera sensor of the phone was concealed, we could not get any info on the camera sensor from the device.

nokia eos 002

But this latest aluminum shell leaked kind of confirms that the black device shown earlier was indeed the Nokia EOS. The full aluminum body along with the camera shell showing off the 41MP sensor pretty much confirms that it is the next Nokia EOS.

The images leaked show that the smartphone body is surprisingly thin, but the camera sensor protrudes outwards a little. Well, naturally the 41 MP huge sensor won’t fit in that thin shell and the only other option that Nokia had was to increase the device thickness. But they choose to keep the body thin and I am sure most of the users won’t mind it especially when your phone sports the best camera in the market.

The camera shell has a cut out for the lens and the LED flash. The aluminum body has a sim slot and a USB port for charging on the top.

Well, that’s all we can deduce from the images leaked today, but we won’t have to wait for long to get more details on the device. Nokia’s Zoom Reinvented event is scheduled for July 11 and we will most likely see the device launch in that event itself.


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