iBlazr LED Flash Improves Your Smartphone Photos

Most of the smartphones sold in the market today already comes with a built-in flash which performs well in certain conditions. When it comes to night scenes though the shots taken may not look that great and you’ll then wish that you had an external flash. Well, this is where the iBlazr comes in as it is an external LED flash that is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

The iBlazr connects to your device via the 3.5 mm audio jack which is where you normally connect your headphones. It’s only 10 mm thin and comes with its own batteries so it does not drain power from your mobile device. You will be able to rotate this flash around so you can not only use it for your rear facing camera but for your front facing camera as well. This makes it great to use when you are making video calls in the dark.

This external flash has four powerful LEDs and comes with a camera app which you can use to take photos or videos. If one iBlazr isn’t enough to light up a scene then you might want to consider 5 of them. With the help of a splitter you will be able to use 5 iBlazer’s as a flash on your single mobile device. You can use the Belkin Rockstar for example to multiply the light of the flash up to 5 times.

iBlazr belkin

According to the product website “iBlazr has the most efficient LEDs in their size. It provides over 100 lux on 1m in video mode (x7 than iPhone) and more than 180 lux in flash mode (x4 than iPhone). The state of the art optics has just 1mm in thickness but provides a 60 degrees beam.”

The company behind this device has not mentioned any release date yet. They are however updating social media sites and promoting their product heavily. There’s even a hint that a fund raising campaign may be started soon to accelerate the release of this device in the market.

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