iAds will allow developers to advertise for a small amount


When Apple unveiled iAds, it was touted as the next generation advertising service, but in the years past it has not penetrated the market as well as many would have liked.

The problems do not come out externally, but rather internally, iAds was an expensive advertising solution and Apple had lockdown on the arrangement and formatting of advertisements, not giving much room for creativity.

With iAd Workbench, Apple has removed the cost strain and we are starting to see the company open up to third party work. The iAd Workbench allows developers to target buyers through apps for as little as $50.

This is an incredible new system for iAds and we believe with the huge iOS audience, currently at around 500 million users, there will be a lot of advertising agencies and small developers setting up an ad.

SourceCult of Mac

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