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Hypercel offers to add a Slide-out Keyboard to the Samsung Galaxy S4

A company called Hypercel is giving you the chance to add a physical, sliding-out QWERTY keyboard to your Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. This addition comes in the form of a Bluetooth-enabled keyboard that claims to let one switch easily from the on-screen keyboard to the physical one.


To support its user-friendly goal, the keyboard comes with dedicated keys for Play or Pause, Home, and Search. It also promises high key sensitivity and a well-fitting shell design to allow for comfortable typing.

The keyboard’s angled body is furthermore adjustable from 0 to 90 degrees, so that one can easily type whether they are standing, sitting down, or even laying in bed. One can even use the accessory as a stand for the Galaxy S4. Outside, the accessory is protected by a a hard shell case which users may detach according to their preference.

Moreover, the keyboard comes with LED backlighting to facilitate typing in less-than-ideal lighting situations. Inside, the device is powered by a 280mAh Lithium battery that charges in 2 hours, and promises a working time of 8 hours, and standby time of as much as 45 days. Working on Bluetooth v 3.0 connectivity, it has a transmit range of 3 meters. It has an operating voltage of 3.7v. To help users save power when they are not using the keyboard, the accessory has an on/off switch.

The Hypercel Bluetooth Slide-out Keyboard has dimensions of 5.46 x 2.87 x 0.86 in. You may order the accessory from the Hypercel website, where the keyboard retails for $79.99. A full package of the accessory includes a microUSB charging cable and a user manual.

Apart from the keyboard, Hypercel makes all sorts of wireless accessories. These include tablet stands, charging mounts, stylus pens, boom stations, A/V and HDMI accessories, spider pads, and sync and charging docks.

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