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Huawei may introduce Ascend P6 Google Edition, after all

Huawei mobile product line division head Kevin Ho announced that Huawei is indeed developing a Google Edition of its Ascend P6 handset.


Presently, the company is collaborating with Google to bring the stock Android experience to its Android flagship smartphone this year, according to a report from Pocket Lint.

Interestingly, Ho’s statement is the direct opposite of what Huawei chairman Richard Yu said during the same handset’s launch in London, UK just earlier this month.

During the event, Yu acknowledged that many phone makers are offering a Nexus or Google Edition variants of their handsets. However, he said that this is not the direction that Huawei is interested in pursuing.

Yu, during the launch, expressed his belief in the custom Huawei Emotion UI, saying that it introduces plenty of enhancements to stock Android. Therefore, according to Yu, the Emotion UI provides a better experience for its users.

Among the modifications that Emotion UI offers are a custom launcher, icons, and various downloadable themes to change the look of one’s smartphone.

Yu’s statement resonates with what HTC and Samsung have said about the Sense and TouchWiz UIs. However, HTC and Samsung have eventually released Google Edition or Nexus Experience variants of its smartphones, which are the HTC One and the Galaxy S4.

Meanwhile, Huawei’s global UI design director mentioned in an interview with T3 just yesterday, that the Emotion UI gives solutions to what he noted to be some inconsistencies in the Android operating system’s design. Poon was pertaining to the backgrounds and other design elements.

However, when asked whether Huawei would consider going the same route as phone makers like HTC and Samsung, Poon said that the company’s priority is still its customers. It is technically easy for them to use stock Android on a Huawei smartphone, but whether they will decide to do so, ultimately, will depend on whether consumers would want it or not.

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