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HTC T6 Revealed as the HTC One Max by JP Morgan Analyst


A new report revealed that the much rumored HTC phablet with high end specs, originally dubbed as the T6 by various news sources, will actually be called the HTC One MAX. This was stated by GSMinsider and Gotta Be Mobile.

About the Name

According to GSMinsider, a JP Morgan Analyst was the one who revealed the HTC One MAX branding. The unnamed source said that the reason behind the name is its high marketability. The analyst commented that customers are more likely to remember its new brand name than its model name which is T6.

Answer to Samsung

A related report from Gotta Be Mobile said that the upcoming product of HTC is an answer to Samsung’s soon to be released Galaxy Note 3. The article explained that Samsung and HTC have been waging war against each other in the smartphone industry. For instance, HTC released the HTC One when Samsung introduced its own Galaxy S4.

Then, when the Korean tech firm followed up the success of their new flagship smartphone with a series of new versions, the Taiwanese company responded with their own line of new variants for their flagship smartphone. For example, the HTC One Mini (referred previously as the HTC M4) was pitted with Samsung Galaxy S4.


The same source confirmed that the HTC One MAX will be made available in the US. Although there is no word yet about the carriers that will offer it. As for the release date, it might be around the second half of this year.

Our previous report indicated that the new variants of the HTC One like the One units with different colors, the Butterfly S and the Mini will roll out in Taiwan and China starting this June up to July. So, there is a probability that the HTC One MAX will be released in the US around the summer season.

Sources: GSMinsider and Gotta Be Mobile

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