HTC One grabs the ‘Best Device’ award at Computex

Earlier this year when HTC managed to grab the best device award at Mobile World Congress, we were not surprised at all. The Galaxy S4 was not yet released and the HTC One was undoubtedly the device at the show.

htc one computex bmd award

After that the device managed to grab many more awards and at the recent Computex event in Taiwan too, One managed to get the best device award. The award is quite special to the company given the fact that it had to compete with 254 others to win the award. Moreover, being a Taiwanese company, you would naturally want your device to be show stealer at an event held on your home territory.

This is indeed a very proud moment for the company, especially after receiving the award from the Taiwanese president Ma Ying-yeou. Seeing that the president of Taiwan himself gave the award, HTC One is now being referred to as the pride of Taiwan.

“For the new HTC One to win yet another international award, it demonstrates how HTC’s proven design capabilities, both in product design and user experience, is bringing a new perspective to the industry. We will continue to innovate and provide consumers with the highest quality products.”  said Ben Ho, Chief Marketing officer of HTC.

This year, HTC One managed to win plenty of awards and this is just another addition to the list of awards won by the device. Apart from winning the Best new mobile Handset, device or tablet award at 2013 MWC Global Mobile awards, the device has won the Mobile Geeks Best smartphone award and the Tech Radar Best Phone and Best in Show award. The reviews have also been great with majority of the top review sites giving it a score better than the famous Galaxy S4.

Clearly, HTC managed to create a winner this year and now, with the improvement in the overall production of the device, we expect better results from the company in the coming quarters.