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HTC M4 Confirmed to be HTC One Mini

It is now official, the much speculated HTC M4 device is actually HTC One Mini that HTC promised us would be coming in due time.  There have been so much news reports, speculations and rumors regarding the new device that HTC was working on but there weren’t enough details to place just what kind of device it was – some even expected it to be a tablet.  The truth now is that HTC M4 is actually the miniature version of HTC’s flagship smartphone HTC One and it is likely to debut sometime in August this year.


Purported actual image of HTC One (right) pictured with HTC One.     -->Engadget
Purported actual image of HTC One (right) pictured with HTC One. –>Engadget

The confirmation comes from Engadget which claims that it got the confirmation from a very reliable source with the HTC One Mini in his possession.  The site published a purported picture of the HTC M4 aka One Mini side-by-side with the HTC One.  The confirmation of the existence of the HTC One Mini comes barely a week before HTC’s main competitor Samsung officially unveils the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini smartphone which is also a smaller version of their flagship smartphone the Galaxy S4.  Samsung has already announced the S4 mini but official unveiling is expected to take place during the company’s Premiere 2013 event to be held in London next week.

Build and Specs

HTC One Mini is expected to have most of the features and specifications of the parent phone HTC One.  The handset is expected to be built from the same metallic unibody design just like the HTC One but it will have a smaller 4.3 inch screen.  Its display will be a downgrade from the 1080p Full HD Super LCD3 the HTC One has to a 720 x 1280 pixel resolution and it is reported to be powered by a dual core 1.4 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.  Besides the Android jelly bean 4.2.2 operating system the phone will come with out-of-the-box, no other details have been made available as of now.

The Battle of the Minis: HTC One Mini vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

It is not going to be a smooth sail for the One mini largely because HTC One’s main rival, Samsung Galaxy S4, also has a miniature version.  These two phones will be the next battleground with Samsung expected to sell its S4 mini first starting next month in July.  The S4 mini boasts of a faster 1.7 GHz processor, 1.5 to 2GB RAM (for 3G and LTE version respectively), 4.3 inch screen but with less 540 x 960 pixels resolution.

Earlier rumors indicated that the HTC One Mini would come with 2GB RAM, 16GB onboard memory, a 1,700mAh battery and 4G LTE capability.  The battle of the minis will be stiffer as manufacturers target first time and mid-range Android smartphone buyers with the smaller versions of their high end phones.  For now, we cannot actually say which one will take the crown considering that most users who go for the mini would be less interested in the core specs of the phone.

Source: Engadget

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