HTC Financial Information Reveals a Big Revenue Last May

htc one

HTC Corporation, the Taiwan-based Smartphone maker, displayed a great performance in the market last month. This was evidenced by the financial documents that they released lately which were easily picked up by Wall Street Journal Market Watch.

Highest Figure in 11 Months

According to the source, the previous month indicated the highest revenue that the company received so far in its last 11 months of operations. The success of the HTC brand was attributed to the sales of its latest flagship device which is the HTC One and the other versions of the unit that followed.

HTC Statement

In the company’s statement which was released last Tuesday, the revenue it gained in May totaled up to 29 billion New Taiwan Dollars,  said the report. The figure is equivalent to a whopping 967 million in US Dollars. This is a 48 percent increase from April’s sales that amounted to NT$19.59 billion. But based on a year-on-year comparison with May last year, it was still down to 3.35 percent.

Market Watch stated that the Taiwanese firm had great expectations with its new flagship smartphone, the HTC One. Thus, it is relying on the device to catapult its revenue lately.

HTC’s Struggle in 2012

The article pointed out that the fall of HTC last year was due to the growing dominance of its competitors, namely Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Corp. Based on the report, its global market share has decreased more than half of what it used to get. The emergence of new low end smartphones from its Chinese competitors also made it worse. So, from being the leader in terms of U.S. Android smartphone sales, it fell way below the top 5 mark, as shown in the past report of IDC.

Forecast by HTC for Second Quarter

In the new forecast of HTC, it expects its revenue to rise up to NT$70 billion in the second quarter from a low of NT$42.8 billion during the start of 2013. But it should be noted that the second quarter forecast is still 23 percent less than the NT$91.04 billion displayed in the previous year.

Source: Wall Street Journal Market Watch