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HTC develops Fetch device locator technology

HTC has developed an innovation called Fetch, and has filed an application for its trademark in Taiwan’s NCC.


The application describes some sort of portable tracking device for finding other electronic devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, and personal digital assistants. Apart from that, however, there is little information available about Fetch.

Engadget says that Fetch could possibly have a software and a hardware component, the latter probably enabled by Bluetooth.

Furthermore, it says that apart from locating missing gadgets, HTC Fetch could be used for locating people, as well.

As Android Authority reports, however, HTC’s filing comes shortly after the a conference about preventing device theft was held in New York. The conference underscored the huge problem of stolen devices today, and some of its attendees suggested that phone makers integrate a kill-switch feature which would be turned on once a device is reported missing. This kill-switch would make the stolen device unusable. Purportedly, this will curb the number of stolen devices, since thieves often steal devices to sell them for a lower price. Among the attendees of the conference were Apple, Google, Motorola, Samsung and Microsoft. HTC, however, was not on the guest list.

The trademark filing for the HTC Fetch could thus be HTC’s response to what appears to be a growing necessity to help consumers find lost their mobile devices. This could be a big thing for HTC, especially since at the moment, Android does not have a similar feature yet.

Apple, for its part, has the Find My iPhone app, which can track the location of a device, show its location on a map, delete stored information, lock the device, or direct it to play a sound. Find my iPhone works for both iOS and Mac devices.

We’ll see if HTC comes up with something similar or something even better.

via engadget, androidauthority

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