HTC COO steps down, will continue as an executive adviser to the company

Just when we thought things were looking a bit better for HTC, Bloomberg reports that HTC’s COO has stepped down from his position.


The Chief Operating Officer’s position was held by Matthew Costello but after he steps down all his responsibilities will be taken up by Fred Liu, the current head of engineering and operations. As mentioned in the email to its employees, with this new role, the extent of responsibilities of Mr. Liu will increase considerably. Now, he will be responsible for operations, sales operations, quality and services.

The email also states that the company will establish a new quality assurance team for its products headed by George Boulloy which would focus on product reliability. As a result, we may see considerable improvements in the quality of future products released by the company.

Moreover, a new team will look after the matters of product life cycles. Now we are guessing, by product life cycles they mean future updates for their smartphones. Maybe a new team is ‘the’ thing needed to speed up the process of updates on the company’s devices.

One more interesting thing to note here is that, Matthew Costello is not entirely leaving the company. Infact, he will remain as an executive advisor to the company after he goes to Europe.

Although HTC has confirmed the news of resignation of Costello and appointment of Mr. Liu, they declined to comment on the other details revealed by the email.

When you actually sit back and read this news carefully, you will come to know that this is not all bad news for HTC. I mean, agreed that the COO is stepping down, but he is still with the company acting as an executive director. So, for a company who has seen its marketing, design and finance chiefs depart in the last few years, this can hardly be considered as a big blow. Infact, the email comes with a silver lining. New quality assurance teams, product life cycles team shows that the company is reviving itself and with the HTC One supply issues solved, we hope that the smartphone sales get some momentum.

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