How To Effectively Manage Galaxy S4 Battery, Solve Delayed Email Problem

Samsung Galaxy S4’s battery and email problems are among the most common issues owners are currently experiencing. While the phone comes with a monster battery (2600 mAh), it’s just enough to power the device for several hours. The new features on top of the old ones are eating the power up faster than everyone expected.


We recently received an email from our reader and it says:

Would you have any suggestions for these issues:

1) phone drains out even with all programs off. Unless it’s in airplane mode, it’s draining.

2) emails not being received timely. Delays occurring up to 30 hours.

This is the 2nd Galaxy S4 to have these problems. The first one was stolen before we could get     the problems corrected.  We got the second phone in late January 2013. I don’t know how long the warranty is.  We have re booted several times with no benefit.

Thanks for your help


Managing Galaxy S4 Battery

Battery draining problems can often be blamed to bloatware and services that came with the phone; they make sure all features function as they should be. The downside is that, even when the S4 is idle, they continue running in the background. As the reader said, the battery drains even when all applications are closed and she rebooted her phone a few times to no avail. In this case, the following are things needed to be done to put battery drain to a minimum:

  1. Disable WiFi But Leave Data Enabled – Susan needs to keep the mobile data enabled so she could receive her emails in a timely manner but she needs to disable WiFi if not in use because it eats up battery faster when enabled.
  2. Turn Off Unused Features – features like Air Gesture, Air View, Smart Stay and Smart Scroll are often left unused. By default, they were enabled, which means their services are running in the background even if they are not used. Turn them off and your phone would last longer.
  3. Adjust Screen Brightness – the first option for Susan is to use the auto-brightness feature. The second is to set the brightness lower when in low-light environments. Galaxy S4’s Super AMOLED screen is one of the factors that greatly contribute to the draining of the battery faster.
  4. Make Use Of Power-Saving Mode – the power-saving mode would help in keeping running services at the minimum without handicapping the phone. Anyone who doesn’t want to mess with the settings of their phone should use this feature.
  5. Turn Off Location Services – location-tracking services like the GPS also drain the battery faster when enabled. Turning them off could definitely minimize battery drain on Galaxy S4.
  6. Put S4 On Airplane Mode – Susan said putting her phone on airplane mode would make the battery last longer. So, basically, it is an effective way in conserving the power especially if the phone becomes idle for several hours.

Working Around Delayed Emails On Galaxy S4

Actually, delayed email reception is pretty common to Galaxy S4. The thing is, there are a lot of things that could contribute to this minor problem. The following are recommended workarounds that may just work:

  1. Try To Use A Different Client – there have been reports that Galaxy S4’s stock email app has some problems in receiving emails; either it can’t receive messages or they will be delayed. There were also reports that notifications are the ones getting delayed and not emails. Susan didn’t specify if she was using a company email, Gmail, Ymail, etc. For Gmail accounts, it is recommended to use the official Gmail app.
  2. Don’t Use WiFi And Data Together – Galaxy S4 has high preference over WiFi but when data is enabled, the phone switches between these networks and syncs are compromised. Instead of receiving the data on time, they would be delayed including emails. In places where both mobile data and WiFi are available, owners should decide which one to use.
  3. Setup Email Account Again – as the last resort, clearing cache and data of the email app and re-setup the account might just solve the problem. However, the users should know that all data, personal settings and messages will be deleted.

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  1. Just got a new Samsung S4. Battery life is ubearable. 1/2 a day with medium use and takes hours to re-charge. The functionality is fantastic, but you cant use anything unless your plugged in. Its a landline!

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