Google Chromekey is an HDMI dongle that will stream content to your TV

A product called Chromekey that will stream content to a television is reportedly in the works, according to a tip received by the Droid-Life team.


The device was believed to be scheduled for unveiling during Google I/O, but turned out to be not part of that event.

Droid-Life, however, maintains that the product could still be launched eventually. The blog’s unnamed sources claim that the device will sell for $35, from Best Buy’s online and physical stores, Amazon, as well as Google Play. The sources claim, furthermore, that Google may throw in free shipping for those who select the pre-order option.

At this point, there is little information about the supposedly upcoming dongle, but Droid-Life’s source provides some possible details.

To function, the dongle needs a television with an HDMI port. It also needs a power source, from which it will draw power. This can be the television itself or a socket, into which the device will be plugged through a USB cable. Then, the Chromekey connects to a Wi-Fi network.

With the Chromekey, one is able to mirror or “CAST” content from one’s mobile device or computer to the television. It will also support Google Play, Netflix, Youtube, Google Maps, Hulu, and other online services. In other words, the device is a receiver for content that is broadcasted from one’s computer or mobile device.

Droid-Life says that because of Chromekey, apps may soon have a button solely for the CAST feature.

Meanwhile, the specifications of the device are purportedly the following: a single-core processor, 512 MB of RAM, 2 GB of storage capacity, support for WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, 1080p resolution, VP8 or Chrome mirroring, and compatibility with CEC. As mentioned, it will come with an HDMI output port, as well as USB. As Droid-Life points out, these specifications are not meant to be impressive since the Google product will simply be a tool for channelling content from a computer or mobile device to a television.

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