Updated: Google Shipping Mystery Boxes to Glass Explorers

[Photo Source: AndroidSpin]
[Photo Source: AndroidSpin]
A new report said that Glass Explorers are getting a mystery package from Google this week. However, what the package contains remains to be a mystery to the recipients.

About the Project

According to TechCrunch, there are around 2,000 people who are under the Google Glass Explorer project. The participants were handpicked by Google to test its hi-tech Glass eyewear. Then, the handpicked people also had to dish out around $1,500 (plus tax) to be qualified for the Explorer project.

The Package

Based on the report, Jesse Stay, the man behind the Google+ For Dummies and Google+ Marketing For Dummies, stated in his blog that a number of Glass Explorers just received notifications about an upcoming mail.

Here is a screenshot of the notification:

[Photo Source: TechCrunch]
[Photo Source: TechCrunch]
Looking at the photo above, the package is expected to arrive June 12 (yesterday). In addition, it is revealed that Google X is the shipper of the mystery box.

Confirmation from Glass Explorers

So far, the report said that there is no confirmation yet whether some of the packages were already received by the recipients. But we will keep you updated later once more information about the subject will become available.


Although there was no mention in the picture about the nature of the package, the source claimed that it weighs 1 pound. So, it will likely be a T-Shirt, the author said. On the other hand, the report mentioned that some people are expecting something else.

Since Google X is the secretive section of Google responsible for exploratory projects like the Glass and self-driving cars of the company, others believe that there must be more to the mystery box. They believe that it might be an Android phone or a white Nexus 4 to be exact.

The Nexus 4 remains to be a possibility because the Glass Explorers shelled out around $1,500 anyway for their hi-tech glasses. But I’m with TechCrunch on this one. It might only be a shirt with some humorous slogan of Google X.

Source: TechCrunch


Here is the hardware inside the mystery box:

glass explorer gift


According to Android Police, the gift only contained a water bottle and a hand-written note from Google X.

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