Google Play to surpass Apple App store Downloads within the Month

Google play

Apple has recently celebrated their 50 billionth download from the app store, but they will not be the most used app store for long. Googles Play store is closing in on them at a very rapid rate; according to a new report they are seeing 500 million downloads monthly, this figure has been driven by the popularity of the Android mobile operating system. This figure is despite the fact that the Apple app store still has some of the most popular apps on iOS.

According to the latest data the Google Play store is seeing 2.5 billion downloads a month while the Apple app store is only seeing 2 billion a month in comparison. If this rate continues Google will overtake Apple in overall downloads in October, but also the data shows that the average iOS device downloads 83 apps where as the average Android device downloads 53 apps.

The gap is not narrowing so if Apple wants to keep the title of most downloads they are going to have to pull something out of their bag of tricks, Android is catching up at a phenomenal rate. The explosive growth for Google play has happened over the last six months, the revenue from mobile apps has increased significantly.

Source: Telegraph

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