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“Google Play Edition” HTC One ROM Arrives

homescreenThanks to an XDA developer by the name of “bigxie”, those of you with the regular GSM HTC One can now have the “same” software as on the Google Play Edition. It comes complete with the “Stock” version of Android 4.2.2 on the Google Play Edition version with the new camera app, working wifi, bluetooth, cellular with LTE, and even Beats Audio! This screenshot of the home screen is what it looks like for users who have installed it.

That’s impressive thanks to a system dump by Jerry Hildenbrand, “tbalden” for the kernel of the software, and “koush” for the superuser APK. GSM HTC One’s will need to have custom recovery done by either TWRP and/or CWR. See the post here for full instructions.

We haven’t tried out the ROM yet, but it looks like for replies to the original post in the XDA forum it is mainly working for a lot of people with some minor data usage issues (more than usual amount being used by user), but those will probably be ironed out once the HTC One Google Play Edition officially ships to everyone who has ordered it and a newer ROM is released.

Speaking of who ordered it, we ordered one for ourselves. Google says it will ship out to us on July 9th, which means it will most likely arrive later that week on Friday the 12th or Saturday the 13th, depending on which company is shipping it. You’ll see an unboxing and a review done when it arrives. Have fun with this ROM!

Source: XDA Developer Forums

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