Google Gesture Search Receives a Big Language Update


Google has updated their Gesture Search app today to version 2.1.1. Don’t let the minor version bump fool you though, as this update brings user support for up to 40+ new languages. The app allows users to search for content using gestures, such as numbers or letters on their screen. This lets you quickly access your contacts, music, applications, settings, and music with quick gestures. Therefore, the support of 40+ New languages is a pretty important update, as now more users can access the feature.

For those of you who are able to speak and write Chinese, Pinyin support is also included in this update, meaning that you can write out Pinyin initials in order to search for your content. This is useful if Google Search is unable to translate more complicated Chinese Characters, meaning that you can switch to Pinyin initials to search instead.

If you’re interested in the new update, hit up the download link below.

Source: Google Play

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