Google could reveal Key Lime Pie in October


iOS7 has stepped the game up, while Android fans will still claim superiority in the mobile race, it has placed a bigger question on what Google will bring with the new software upgrade.

While it is still suggested Android 4.3 will come soon, Key Lime Pie, the next large upgrade by Google, is cited for an October release. This new update will pack an array of features, according to insider reports.

One of the biggest new features from Key Lime Pie in the report is optimisation. The new Android update will run on almost all devices fast and smooth, including even the budget 1.0GHz single-core, 512MB of RAM Android smartphones.

This may be Google future-proofing itself, considering the next two billion coming online in the next few years will be from India, China and Africa. Android could formulate in those countries under cheap smartphones running Key Lime Pie.

We are sure to see other app optimisations and perhaps another surprise like Google Now. Google will release the new update with the Moto X Phone or the Nexus 5, we hope it is the former, we would love to see a Motorola and Google true collaboration.

Source: VR-Zone

Via: AndroidCommunity

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