Google Buys Swedish wind farm’s entire output to power Finnish data center


Google has been throwing their money around recently and their latest purchase has secured then the entire output of a swedish wind farm; the wind farm in Maevaara has an output of 72MW. The contract that Google has with the wind farm secures energy output for the next ten years. You may be wondering why has Google laid down so much money for ten years of swedish green energy, well they are going to power their Finnish data center.

Google is doing this to further their quest in becoming carbon neutral, a similar deal has been done with a wind farm in Oklahoma which only had an output of 48MW. It would make more sense for Google to acquire some carbon neutral power stations so that they aren’t restricted by a contract that will run out, also solar panels will be a very good investment for the California based company.

This news follows the announcement by Apple that they are going to get 75% of their power from renewable sources very soon. This is a very eco-friendly move for the big technology giants to make, maybe we’ll see Microsoft purchasing hydropower stations some time soon. It is alright off setting the head quarters emissions but lets not forget that both Apple and Google manufacture product in China, which is a country that pollutes massively.

Source: Engadget 

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