Glitch In Windows Phone Store Allows Installation Of Nokia Exclusive Apps In Any Windows Phone

There are numerous apps available in the Windows Phone Store that anyone with a Windows Phone can download. Over 50 of these apps however can only be downloaded if you are using a Nokia phone since they are exclusive only for the said device. A glitch spotted by a Chinese website however claims that anyone can download these exclusive apps on their device.

A photo by a Chinese blogger showed the Nokia Glam Me app installed in a Huawei Ascend D1 device. This is a self-portrait app that is exclusive only to Nokia Lumia models but has been installed in a non-Nokia device. How is it done? Check out the steps listed below.

  1. Connect your Windows Phone to a Wi-Fi connection. This won’t work in a 3G or 4G connection.
  2. Close the Windows Phone Store app on your device
  3. Assign APN proxy for your primary Wi-Fi connection:, port 8888. Tap the network you are connected to and edit its properties by selecting “enable proxy”
  4. Connect via the Wi-Fi proxy, open up Windows Phone Store, search for Lumia-exclusive apps by name and you will soon discover that they can be viewed on your device
  5. Click into the app description page, but DON’T choose to buy, download or try yet
  6. Switch back to your Wi-Fi settings, and remove the proxy
  7. Switch back to the app description page, download or buy now

From the looks of the procedure the secret lies in the proxy connection being used. The connection is setup to let your device masquerade as a Nokia phone thus able to pass the checking mechanism done by the Windows Phone Store. The connection however is still not able to allow you to download the exclusive apps so you’ll have to switch back to your regular Wi-Fi settings and use the links obtained to download the apps.

There’s no guarantee that this glitch works on all Nokia exclusive apps as some can be downloaded while others can’t. If you are willing to test it out you should know first that connecting to a proxy network is a potential security risk.

via wpcentral

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