Get the stock android feel on your phone in 4 simple steps

Android has evolved a lot in the past few years, from being a relatively new, unpolished operating system to a well polished smooth one. We all can agree that the latest version of android is one of the most polished android OS that we have seen up to date and as the OS is getting better and better each year, its popularity has also grown tremendously. No wonder, almost all manufacturers, whether local ones or global giants like Samsung have atleast one, if not a range of android handsets under their name.

But what spoils the true android experience is the number of bloatware that these manufacturers and carriers install on these devices. No one can deny the fact that people love stock android and the recent availability of stock android versions of the best selling devices like the Galaxy S4 actually proves this point.

android jellybean

So, today, we are going to show you how to get the stock android feel on your device in 4 simple steps.

Yes, it’s THAT SIMPLE, thanks to the various launchers available on the play store. Let me remind you, one can get the stock android feel via many methods which includes rooting but here, we are only using the free apps available on the play store.


Download and install Nova launcher. I am sure most of you guys know what a launcher is but for those who don’t, a launcher is a software that allows a user to customize his or her home screen, app drawer and various other features. It allows you to customize your phone without having to download separate apps for each customization.

Now, that you know what a launcher is, go to the play store and download Nova launcher. I personally prefer Nova for the stock android feel because it is quite simple to use and stable. Moreover, you don’t have to download jellybean icon packs separately as there’s an option inbuilt in the launcher.  You can do this using a different launcher like Apex or Holo Launcher HD but then you’ll have to download the icons pack from the play store.

nova launcher settings

Installing Nova launcher on your phone should be a pretty straightforward process. Once installed, go to the ‘settings’ menu and click on the ‘look and feel’ option. Now, you’ll see icon theme option and there select stock jellybean. Also, make sure that you keep your background transparency to 0 in the app drawer option to get the exact stock android feel.

Step 2:

Download a Jellybean wallpaper pack to your phone and set any one of those as your wallpaper. With this step, almost half of your job is done. A simple change in the wallpaper will make your phone look almost like a nexus device.

Step 3:


holo lock screen jellybean

Download Holo locker from the play store. It is a simple and easy to use app which transforms your existing lock screen into a jellybean lockscreen. Many users have reported that they are having trouble with custom lock screens and hence, we advise you to disable you phone’s lock screen when you install Holo locker. Also, if you are concerned about your security, you can enable security lock from the app’s settings menu for added security.

Now, you are just one last step away from the true android experience.

Step 4:

Install a custom keyboard. There are a number of such keyboards available on the playstore but we would suggest downloading something like Swype or Swiftkey. You also have an option of downloading the Google keyboard, now that the app is officially available on the play store.

google keyboard

After these four steps, your homescreen and the app drawer should look something like this,

android jellybean look

Completing these 4 steps won’t take more than 5 minutes and within that time, you get the experience that you were looking for. This method is one of the simplest ways to get the stock android feel on your phone and requires no rooting or flashing.

Also remember, this is just my way of getting the true android feel and you can anytime change and customize these apps to have a different look.

If you have something to add, feel free to share them via the comments section below.