Galaxy S5 will be the first Samsung full metal smartphone


Samsung has been a dominate player in the smartphone market since the Galaxy S2, but one of the biggest problems with the top-line devices is the plastic coating slapped on top.

The Galaxy S5 may break this barrier, with a full metal smartphone similar to the HTC One or iPhone 5. Samsung has been pressured into doing this, with the outbreak in HTC One sales.

The South Korean mobile giant has already sold more than 10 million Galaxy S4 units and with the launch of the GS4 Active and Zoom we can expect Samsung to rake incredible profits in this quarter.

However, if they cannot entice users who love the design of the smartphone, they are missing out on a big demographic who always hunt for the best smartphone.

To get in gear, Samsung will add the full metal unibody design to the Galaxy S5, splitting the roots from previous generations by not allowing users access to the battery.

Source: PhoneArena